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Welcome to Adopt North West

All kinds of people adopt and so could you. There are children in the North West waiting to be adopted so why not find out if adoption is right for your family?

Or learn more about the types of children who are looking for their forever family…

Adopt North West is made up of 22 local councils and three independent agencies who have come together to make the process of adopting quicker and simpler for you.

Hear from families near you who have already been through the process and find out how you can take the first step.

We are looking for families who would like to adopt a child that might be likely to wait longer for adoption. They include boys, older children (between 3 and 7), children from ethnic minority and mixed heritage and with additional needs and siblings like George and Maisie.

Meet George and Maisie : “We both like to help make cakes and decorate them, it is really fun”

Children Stories

Maisie and George are very close siblings, George is very protective of Maisie and they like to do things together. They are both happy, and friendly

George and Maisie

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Family Stories

Our initial telephone call reassured us that our enquiry would be treated in a positive manner. The social worker we spoke to explained that Lancashir

John and Robert

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