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All About Adoption


Some children cannot be brought up by their own parents. Adoption is a chance for these children to have a permanent new family. Adoptive parents have all parental rights and responsibilities and the adopted child loses all legal ties with their birth parents and becomes a full member of the new family.

There are children in the North West who have been approved for adoption and who need people like you to provide them with a ‘forever family’.

Children and young people waiting to be adopted are a variety of ages and come from a range of backgrounds. Just over half the children waiting are single children and the rest are siblings who want to live together as a family.

Every child is different but they have all had a difficult start in life and need a loving environment so they can thrive. Matching children and parents who will love and care for each other is at the heart of the adoption process.

Providing a child with a loving home is a wonderful life changing experience.

If you’ve still got some questions about adoption why not take a look at our FAQs or get in touch.

Michael and Christina were matched with a loving and caring adoptive family that offered them guidance, consistency, routine, praise and reward. Read their story here.

‘Being his mummy makes it all worthwhile.’ Read Rachel’s story here.

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Foster to Adopt

Fostering for adoption is when a child is placed into temporary local authority care with foster carers who are also approved for adoption. If the child is then approved by the court for adoption and the adoption agency approves the foster carer as a match the placement becomes an adoption placement.

This route might not be right for everyone and there is a possibility that the court might not agree the adoption and the child might leave your care.

During the time you are a foster carer you’d be under the direct supervision of the local authority and you would not have parental responsibility for the child. You can find out more about being a foster carer here

If you are considering this option you might want to think about what it might mean to you if a child left your care and what support networks you have in place to deal with this.

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